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Waltz is Likely New Villain in James Bond 24

The new James Bond movie is slowly but surely moving forward. News is slowly being released about casting details. Among the news reports is the Oscar winning actor, Christopher Waltz, is joining the case. Rumors are swirling that he will be playing the top villain, but this has not been confirmed.

But honestly, are James Bond films known for bringing in name guests to help 007 or try and thwart him?

Currently, the film is shooting under the title James Bond 24. Since the film is not (apparently) based on any published books and, likely, is based on an original screenplay, no title has been selected. Or possibly, the title has just not been released.

Waltz plays “heavies” a lot in his films and, in this new Bond film, he may be playing a bit of both a villain and a hero. That’s not the norm for fans like Brad Reifler to see. Sounds odd and could be an attempt to fake out audiences into thinking the film is going into a different direction than is traditional.


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