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Using Securus Technologies to Allow Criminals to Incriminate Themselves

One of my jobs as the lead investigator in murder cases is making sure the guilty party is held responsible for their actions. These cases are never alike, except for the fact that the killers all think they have the perfect alibi and will find a way to game the system. I was working on such a case where it appeared this suspect may just walk free.


The suspect in a murder was sitting in jail, and as the trail drew near, the prosecutor knew they have very weak evidence to support the case and the defense attorney may just rip huge holes in the case and let this guy walk free. Despite him admitting to the murder and having been found to be in that place when the murder occurred, unless the murder weapon was found, he was gonna walk.


Around the time of the trial, Securus Technologies had just installed a new inmate communication system in the jail, and it would prove to be the key to me getting this case closed. Even though we were always able to monitor calls in the past, the LBS software allowed us to listen to these calls in a completely different way. One day we were alerted by the software this inmate was actually talking to a family member and speaking about something pertaining to the case.


In the past, he never uttered a word, but you could hear the anxious tone in his voice as he was trying to explain to his sister about going to a location and getting something for him. After growing frustrated with her, he said something that tipped us of he needed her to find the weapon he hid and get rid of it. We put a tail on her and when she led us to the weapon used in the murder, the case was done.


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