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U.S Money Reserve Reveals Plans of Supporting Capital Area Food Bank of Texas


Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve announced its plans to start a crowd funding campaign in a bid to offer help and material support to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The Capital Area Food Bank is an initiative that helps in provision of hunger relief in Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve has been actively involved in matters of charity work and activities that enhance objectives of social responsibility. This article was published on Digital JournalĀ
The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has collaborated with about 300 agencies in over 21 counties across Texas with the view to offering hunger relief. In 2010, the firm gave more than 25 million pounds of food. In the year before, they donated 31 million pounds. The major objective of the CABF is to cater to more families that are in need of relief food. The CABF has been offering its services for thirty years. Over the years, the entity has spread its service area to 19,064 square miles.
CrowdRise is an online platform that assists firms and individuals to raise funds for noble causes. By using Crowdrise, firms are able to supersede their target and can use the extra amount raised in furthering their organizational goals. The U.S. money Reserve is confident that through the platform they will raise more tones of food for the CABF. This information was published on Crowdrise
Gold market veterans formed the U.S. Money Reserve. They wanted to provide counsel to people who were interested in investing in precious metals. The firm is the leading distributor of government issued coins. The firm has a team of over 100 skilled professionals that work in different divisions to enhance the goals of U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve has satisfied clients by assisting them in picking high value coins. The firm provides an array of products ranging from platinum and gold to silver coins.

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