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Thor Halvorssen And The HUman Rights Foundation Find New Ways Of Highlighting Human Rights Abuses

The Human Rights Foundation has done a large amount of good work since the group was formed in New York City in 2005 by film producer and activist Thor Halvorssen to be a politically independent organization fighting for the rights of those stranded in closed societies. Halvorssen has looked to develop the organization in many different areas of human rights activism that make sure as many people as possible are aware of the work being done by the Human Rights Foundation and the abuses governments around the world are committing. Along with the amazing work the small team at the Human Rights Foundation are completing the group is also well known for its work researching the legalities behind many of the world’s leading human rights laws and conventions that is designed to make sure the rights of the individual are protected.

Among the events and publications Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have been involved in are the role played in the United Nations Human Rights Council elections; Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation team played a key part in this process by speaking up about the abuses committed by those nations standing for election to this council. Recently the Human Rights Foundation has embarked upon a new series of events and research campaigns under the banner of “Speaking Freely” which is designed to provide information about the historic nature of freedom of speech rights around the world; Thor Halvorssen and his team will track free speech laws from the Middle Ages through to the current First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in a bids to promote a greater level of support for those robbed of this human right.

In making sure the rights of people around the world are protected the Human Rights Foundation under the leadership of Thor Halvorssen has looked to develop new ways of making sure all who wish to understand human rights in a more concise way have the opportunity to. The publication of “The Responsibility to Protect” brings together the work of respected legal professionals and activists to make sure a dedicated plan to protect the human rights of all people is created for the future.


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