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Successful Finance Manager Kevin Seawright Defines Success In Terms of Family & Community

Kevin Seawright has served in both the private and public business sectors and is currently working as the CFO and Executive VP of the New Community Economic Development Corp. He started his career working in finance for the Baltimore government and after a decade he was able to combine his construction and financial experience to move into the private sector.

He is now very enthusiastic in his new role as CFO of Newark CEDC stating that they are at a critical stage where their efforts are going to change Newark and he is very happy and honored to be playing a central role in the positive shift of the city.

Angel investor Seawright has dedicated his life to helping urban cities develop and become more modern and revitalized. He says that adaption and staying positive is the number one way to do this, and it has certainly helped in Newark where they have approached the economic growth of the city by creating diverse communities and helping small business develop. In addition, they have implanted a summer employment program for students, developed city wide Wi-Fi access, and helped grow their railway and highway lines Seawright tells WorldClassMagazines.

One of the unique things about Kevin Seawright is that he doesn’t define success based on how much he has moved forward in his career, although it would be easy to call him a success. Instead, Seawright explains that success is measured by family. He considers himself successful because his relationship with his family is strong.

Another way that he measures success is by how much a person contributes to the community that surrounds him or her, and once again he can easily claim success in this matter as well. He mentioned that Newark CEDC specializes in offering loans to small business owners who are just getting started who otherwise would be turned down by other local banks. His company on the other hand specializes in offering loans to SMEs so that the economy of Newark continues to move upward.

He says that his ability to be successful has been a culmination of all of his life experiences. He has learned that being straight forward while also being flexible and analytical is the best way to conduct business. Plus, since he is motivated to change the lives of people in Newark he stays motivated to continue to offer the best that he can to the community.

At the end of the day however, it is his daughter that keeps him happy. He enjoys watching her play basketball and is thrilled that she is doing well in her studies.  Follow Kevin on Twitter to see more information about him.