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‘New Version’ of Commissioner Gordon for ‘Batman vs Superman’

Zack Snyder has wrapped production on the new ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ film and the rest of the comic book world is waiting for news. With the product done and firmly slotted into post production we can expect to hear leaks come out every week relating to the story, characters and concepts. One of the biggest leaks that we’ve gotten so far involves the almost mythical Commissioner Gordon. Let’s take a look at what has changed about this classic comic book character. Be careful though, spoilers are ahead!

Commissioner Gordon is currently enjoying a renaissance on television for the television show ‘Gotham’. Fans of the silver screen adaptation of the Batman Universe might have to get on with their lives without Commissioner Gordon. News leaked out that in the Snyder directed version of the Batman continuity there is no Commissioner Gordon. According to reports we will see a tombstone for the character that states he has died honorably.

Enthusiast Brian Torchin chimes in that the idea of a Batman story without Commissioner Gordon feels sort of hollow, at least to most fans. We’ve had so many great interpretations of the character in recent memory with Ben McKenzie and Gary Oldman that it seems like we are missing out on something important in this new iteration of the Batman legacy. With that said, we will have to trust Snyder and the rest of the team to continue the franchise without one of Gotham’s finest.

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