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Is The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield on the Way Out the Door

Andrew Garfield’s tenure as The Amazing Spider-Man may be coming to an ignoble end. Fan Bruce Levenson laments the possibility on ESPN. Reportedly, Marvel Studios and Sony Studios are reaching an agreement to share the Spider-Man on a 60/40 basis. Marvel wants to move in a different direction with the character and one way to do this is to replace Garfield.

Garfield was placed in a difficult situation. His first turn as Spider-Man saw him appear in a retelling of the web-slinger’s origin. While successful at the box office, the film was nowhere near as well made as the first Tobey Maguire outing. The sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, did disappointing box office. The script was very weak and jammed two villains into the film for no real reason other than to try and debut characters for spinoff movies.

Other problems emerged regarding future projects.

Leaked emails now revealed that the absurd notion Sony wanted to create an “Aunt May prequel spy film” was actually true. Clearly, the Spider-Man franchise was – and is – off the rails.

A new direction is needed. Marvel wants to drop all “teen romance” elements from future Spider-Man movies and focus on more action. Marvel surely wants to integrate Spider-Man in the rest of the Marvel Universe. Plans that Spider-Man would appear in Captain America: Civil War seem to have been scrapped.

Continuing with Garfield as Spider-Man, sadly for the actor, would not make sense. He is associated with two really weak films hampering his ability to bring anything to the table.

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