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How the New Real Estate Buyers Differ from the Past Corporate CEOs

A recent article published by Mansion Global revealed the entry of a new breed of buyers in the real estate market, who are different from the typical corporate CEOs. Dolly Lenz, a real estate expert in NYC properties, described the new buyers as tech savvy young, often purchasing their first real estate unit worth millions of dollars and well-informed. Further, their objective is attaining and sustaining a lifestyle that is both convenient and comfortable for themselves.

Unlike the past CEOs real estate agents were used to, the new buyers are either millennial top personalities in sports, entertainment, music or tech entrepreneurs. As such, this contributes to the disparity in tastes and preferences between past CEOs and the new breeds of buyers. Subsequently, real estate agents, especially in the NYC properties market have had to develop their survival mechanisms to accommodate the new customers such as communicating with their clientele via social media platforms like WhatsApp.

The young and tech-savvy buyers are commonly interested in aspects such as location when picking their ideal property for purchase. Consequently, the ideal property ought to be located near close facilities such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. Cities boasting of properties with such features such as Atlanta, Portland, and Ore have witnessed an increment in this type of clients.

Town Residential

Town Residential ranks ups as one of the most sought after real estate firm that deals with luxury residential NYC property. It leverages on its seamless execution and exhilarating foundation of world-class customer services, which is facilitated by a highly qualified team of Representatives. Town Residential, New Development Division specializes in all aspects pertaining top-notch new development services, which comprise of pre-development such as marketing, branding, and planning as well as market research and analysis.

Town Residential also credits its success to the expertise and experience of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Heiberger. Through his able leadership, he has steered Town Residential into a top firm in NYC properties sector with more than 500 licensed Representatives as well as industry leading specialists located within its seven neighborhood offices, which are strategically located. Since its inception in December 2010, Town boasts of over $9.5 billion worth of transactions and a strong commitment to redefining the manner by which a real estate firm ought to deliver its services and operate.

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