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How Bruce Bent II Utilizes Teamwork to Succeed

Bruce Bent II is about as successful as they come in the financial sector. Bent II is currently operating as the President and Vice Chairman at Double Rock Corporation, a financial and technology company who has been almost constantly at the forefront of innovations within those industries. Double Rock’s success dates back decades but Mr. Bent II has been the most recent man in charge of leading the company into the future. Bent II is a proud entrepreneur and someone who was more than willing to share all of the techniques that makes him tick.

Working and living as an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding aspects in your life, so long as you take time to really approach the concept and do it right. Too many people believe that they have to carry the world in order to succeed as an entrepreneur but this is something that Bruce Bent II steadfastly does NOT believe in. Bent II believes in the power of teamwork, and he believes in it with such conviction that you can’t even think of it as cheesy. Bruce Bent II says, “It may take only one person to come up with an idea, but usually it takes a team of people to bring it to life.” Bent II goes on to point out that the most unheralded member of your team is often your client-base because they provide you with feedback even when you don’t ask for it, allowing you to change your techniques into the future.

If you ever get the chance to sit down with a successful entrepreneur you almost have to ask them what they are excited about regarding the future of their industry. For Bent II the story stays the same: communicating with people. Bent II points out that communication is as easy and affordable as it has ever been. Bent II believes that the future of most injuries will be wrapped up in the new global marketplace, where everyone is communicating and sharing their ideas regardless of time, place, or borders. If Bent II has his way then Double Rock will be leading that charge.

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