Microsoft Unveils RoomAlive Technology

Microsoft has come out with their own variant on the virtual reality concept, and it’s pretty awesome. While I keep hearing about the Oculus Rift, and Sony’s Project Morpheus, I’m more excited by the prospect of RoomAlive.

A friend of mine, Marnie Bennett first showed me this news story. I’ve been excited ever since.

Basically, RoomAlive is like a fusion between Kinect, and a projector. The device will actually project video games onto the room around you, presenting a brand new experience like you’ve just never seen before.

A few demos have shown some cool experiences which presented games where you literally fly around your living room, and one which basically turned the entire room into a first person shooter. Something that we’ve just never seen before.


We’re one step closer to the holodeck in Star Trek, so that’s something.

Microsoft Launches First Video Game Console In China In 14 Years

Well, Microsoft has decided to wake the sleeping giant. After a 14 year ban by China on video games,¬†according to the Washington Post,¬†China has decided to lift its ban and Microsoft has decided that the time is right to forge ahead into the Chinese video game console market with it’s new Xbox One which it is unleashing on the country in about 4,000 retail stores across 37 Chinese cities.

How bad an idea do you think this is? Oh my, let me count the ways.

For starters, Microsoft doesn’t exactly have the best reputation among people in the United States let alone in China. Taking risk is one thing, but this is outright suicide if you ask me.

Reputation and United States hatred aside, let’s look at the economic facts. Because of the ban on video games, the black market has been making a mint in China. There’s an estimated 490 million video game players in China, all using black market products that they are more than happy with. Microsoft essentially has to come into China and convince these people that their legitimate Xbox is better than the black market stuff.

Good luck with that Mr. Gates.


Time will tell.