The Dawn Of The Visual Search Engine And It’s Evolution

The world of the internet is about to be transformed in quite a big way. The emergence of visual search technology has begun to expand it’s reach. Soon the ability to take any existing image or snap a picture and search for exactly what you want will be commonplace.

This is an exciting thing for anybody who uses the internet. Let’s face it, basically everybody does. Even if you don’t, the likely hood that the businesses you go to using the internet are almost guaranteed. From being able to assist the blind to helping you shop for the perfect item, this technology has many practical uses. There are surely many undiscovered uses as well – Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition.

The deep learning engines that pour through all of this data (and it is a massive amount) are extremely fast and accurate to boot. ImageNet for example, was launched by scientists at Princeton and Stanford in 2009 with around 80,000 tagged images.

In this time frame the number of images has grown to 14 million. This is just one example of how quickly the technology is growing in this area alone. Larger companies have open access to vast amounts of data for their engines to chew through.

This is where open-sources come into play. They are free and provide a great framework for building these machines that learn. The deep learning systems are modeled after the human brain’s operations. This enables the tech to grow and learn as it does. The company NVIDIA has a hat in the game as well.

They are working to optimize machine performance rates so they can learn much faster. Another company that stands out in the visual search crowd is Slyce. They have quickly been gaining ground since their recent launch. The Universal Scanner in the tech is able to snap a pic and scan virtually anything for you to look up instantly.

If the exact item is not available it will bring up a list of many similar items. It will also scan bar codes, QR codes, coupons or any other real world image. This is a fantastic new development in the way we use the internet.

Only time will tell where this leads for the internet community along with the businesses and people attached to it. It’s truly an exciting time to be involved in the world of technology. Happy searching folks.

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