How John Goullet offers efficient Services through Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is a renowned expert in the provision of IT services. One of the achievements that he has made in the industry is establishing various prosperous enterprises that deal with IT. His career started by initially serving as a well-respected IT consultant before he began IT staffing business in 1994. Mr. Goullet established Info Technologies to offer the IT staffing services after studying the industry and noticing potential opportunities. The clients that he focused on assisting were the Fortune 500 companies across the world. Info Technologies was keen on exploring various needs that were in the corporate world and striving to solve them efficiently. The performance of the company in the industry made it grow at a fast rate whereby its worth increased to $30 million within five years only. The firm was also featured by the Inc. magazine on its list of the fastest developing enterprises in the United States.

In 2010, there was a merger between the Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. This led to the creation of Diversant LLC where John Goullet currently serves as the chairperson. It is licensed as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and it is the largest African-American company in the United States. The provision of products and services is controlled by a unique set of policies that enables them to solve the specific problems that the clients face. Diversant’s services have been categorized into direct contracting, augmentation of IT experts, and a wide range of innovative solutions. The company has been determined to treat its clients like real business associates by applying consultative approaches.

One of the leading IT issues that various companies face is getting the correct type of staff to solve their technical problems. Diversant has specialized in sourcing and hiring professionals that are highly competent and can develop computer programs that address the client’s needs. The criteria that the firm applies when hiring the professionals considers academic qualifications, experience, and talent. The company is also highly knowledgeable and has skills that enable them to match professionals with enterprises that need their expertise. This has allowed it to build healthy relationships with all its clients.