Autism Study: No Link Between Violent Video Games and Aggression

Autism is a disorder with a catastrophically high diagnosis rate in America, the symptoms include emotional disturbances, behavioral problems, and social disabilities. Since emotional stability is a desired outcome of treatment for autism, it has been suggested that emotionally arousing media such as violent video games could lead to an increase in aggressive behavior in individuals with the disorder.

However, a recent study helps to debunk this theory by searching for any correlations related to aggressiveness and violent video games for people who have been diagnosed with autism.

The results were measured through different tasks given to the participants who had been diagnosed with autism sometime in their past. The first task was to play one of two video games, either violent or nonviolent, depending on which group they were placed in. The second task was to assess aggression of both groups, through interactions with another person during game play.

CrunchBase said that in this particular study, there were no correlations found between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior. This finding suggests that emotional arousing media, like a violent video game, might not be as influential in symptoms of autism as once thought.

Sadly, too many families face this disorder before modern medicine has enough answers to treat it effectively. Yet, with more studies like these, a widely effective treatment is surely on the horizon.