Using Securus Technologies to Allow Criminals to Incriminate Themselves

One of my jobs as the lead investigator in murder cases is making sure the guilty party is held responsible for their actions. These cases are never alike, except for the fact that the killers all think they have the perfect alibi and will find a way to game the system. I was working on such a case where it appeared this suspect may just walk free.


The suspect in a murder was sitting in jail, and as the trail drew near, the prosecutor knew they have very weak evidence to support the case and the defense attorney may just rip huge holes in the case and let this guy walk free. Despite him admitting to the murder and having been found to be in that place when the murder occurred, unless the murder weapon was found, he was gonna walk.


Around the time of the trial, Securus Technologies had just installed a new inmate communication system in the jail, and it would prove to be the key to me getting this case closed. Even though we were always able to monitor calls in the past, the LBS software allowed us to listen to these calls in a completely different way. One day we were alerted by the software this inmate was actually talking to a family member and speaking about something pertaining to the case.


In the past, he never uttered a word, but you could hear the anxious tone in his voice as he was trying to explain to his sister about going to a location and getting something for him. After growing frustrated with her, he said something that tipped us of he needed her to find the weapon he hid and get rid of it. We put a tail on her and when she led us to the weapon used in the murder, the case was done.


Securus Technologies Video Visitations Are A Hit

Securus Technologies created the video visitations for prisoners to be able to see their loved ones during the holidays. They will also be able to watch them open presents, and hear what they are saying. In this way, they can be a part of the holiday too, bringing cheer to the corrective facilities that they are housed in. Securus Technologies is putting commercials out for the month of December in order for people to understand how important these video visitations are, and how they create a safer environment for everyone in the facilities.


When the visitor can be seen and heard on the visitor, it saves the money and time because they don’t have to come to the jail to see their loved one. It also saves the facility money. Everyone wins, and the facility is much safer for everyone involved. The company hopes that the public will understand this better when they see the commercials that are coming up in the next couple of days.


The company, Securus Technologies is the leader in its industry. They work diligently to make the world a safer place for everyone. The company is sought out for work by many business owners and the government too. They use technology, like videos, investigations and incident reports when they deal with over a million prisoners every year. Their workers are dedicated to their missions, and they work hard at completing any job that is given to them. In the future, the company will continue to create even better technology on a weekly basis that will keep the public safe. They work with the civil and criminal sides of justice to make the people safer.