Securus Has Created The Best Video Phone Call Platform For Jails

Video calling in jails might not seem like the most common thing in the world, but I was very interested in using this app because it would help me get in touch with the people that work with my church. We have picked out a few people that we work with in the jail. We wanted to make sure that we could talk to them because the jail is so far away, and that is why Securus works for us. Securus as a company, boasts an A+ accreditation from theĀ Better Business Bureau (BBB). We have been blessed with something that is very easy to use, and we feel amazing because we know that we are helping real people with real issues. Click here to read PR Newswire features about Securus.

Every video call we make actually happens on our own phones, and we have even put the app on our tablets. It helps us get ready to have mass calls at the church, and we have also been able to use the app to call out to new people that come from other jails that we have been working with. We know that we can make a big difference, and we hope that we can make more of a difference with all the people that we get to see just because we are on the Securus app.

The Securus app is a great thing for all the families that could to see us, and the company has put in all the video cameras that we would need. We get to see these people right on the screen, and we can have real conversations with these people about our ministry. We are trying to spread as much of our message as we can, but we cannot do that until we have a choice to use Securus. I am very proud of my choice to use Securus America, and they are expanding out ministry easily.

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