400 Arrested in Venezuela Over Looting

400 people in Venezuela have been arrested for looting and rioting due to the food shortages. It is said that over 100 shops in Cumana were hit by the looters and one person died during the looting and riots. Venezuela is known the have inflation rates of 0, the highest in the world. Venezuelans are typically forced to wait in line for hours in order to get food. Opposing politicians blame the government for the shortage of food, but the government claims that the shortages are caused by the economic war to drive the current president out of office. Congresswoman Norka Luque claims that the shops were looted for food, however only optician and clothing shops were targeted. Luque says protestors are agitated by the lack of food and medicine and have been known to have made around 10 attempts of looting a day in Cumana.

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