Uncharted 4: Nathan’s Closure

In an interview with Gamespot, creative director at Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, known most recently for the BAFTA winning The Last of US, made it clear that this foray into the Uncharted franchise will be the end for Nathan Drake’s story.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, though seemingly direct in its title, has aroused interest in fans to know what lies next for the Indiana Jones like character and his journeys to far off places.

FreedomPop says that having premiered as a launch title for the Playstation 3, and spawning two sequels, Uncharted has been praised by fans and awarded for the pushing of technical limits, high visual fidelity, and the challenging of hardware to achieve stunts reminiscent of big-budget action movies. With the capabilities of the Playstation 4, significantly more capable than it’s previous platform, they’ve been able to display a wide selection of visuals that dazzled audiences at this year’s E3 in Las Vegas. While Druckmann points out the need to up the stakes with each iteration, and give players more of the high-stakes action that made it popular, he expresses his interest in the relationship between characters.

Ever at Drake’s side is Sully, a surrogate father and companion in his thievery and adventures. Druckmann says that fans can expect a full conclusion to their camaraderie that is central to the “buddy” element of the series, but that there will also be a conclusion to Drake’s other close relationships, saying that he hopes fans will feel satisfied when the story runs its course.