President Diehl Of US Money Reserve Appears On CNBC

Big Changes In US Currency On Horizon

In case you haven’t been watching the news, there are some major changes that may be occurring in the US currency that is frequently used for commerce in the United States. On a recent episode of Squawkbox on CNBC, the President of US Money Reserve met with the show to make some major predictions and to give his professional opinion of where he thinks the US currency changes will take us in the near future. This post will outline what he said, and we will also briefly discuss US Money Reserve itself.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is one of the largest companies that specializes in the sale and trade of a special currency. That currency is precious metals. These are specific precious metals that US Money Reserve is dealing with because they are given directly from the United States government in the form of government issued coins. The main types of precious metals that US Money Reserve deals in are platinum, silver and gold. These metals do not loose their value like most currencies that are issued. US Money Reserve also employs a large department of qualified team members that are professional in the field of currency evaluation. They are consistently helping others with their decisions to invest in precious metals. Phillip Diehl is the President, and he has made some interesting assertions about the future of United States’ currencies.

The Future Of United States’ Currency According To US Money Reserve

On the hit television show, Squawkbox, the President of US Money Reserve was discussing the elimination of the penny, America’s smallest form of currency. The penny, according to President Diehl, is costing the United States more money to create than it actually holds in its own value, so the elimination would be a sensible move. Diehl has responded to criticism of this decision by asserting that a majority, 75 percent, of business today is completed by the means of online transactions instead of actual currency use.

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