5 90s Movies That Perfectly Captured Being a Teen Girl


  1. Clueless


Though very few people were as wealthy as the main characters, girls everywhere could still relate to their problems. Gossip, matchmaking, crushes, and being underestimated are all key themes of this film. Its over-the-top feel has given this movie a cult following and allows even moody teens to laugh at themselves.


  1. 10 Things I Hate About You


One of my favorite 90s teen movies, this coming-of-age film focuses on two sisters’ conflict with their father over their love lives. They want to be independent and date, he wants them to stay little girls forever. Based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, this movie perfectly captures that tough transition into adulthood.


  1. Now and Then


Focused on the younger teen set, this film flashes between puberty and the present for a group of 4 female friends. Covering issues from growing breasts and kissing to divorce and death, this movie captures every part of the rocky years between childhood and adulthood.


  1. The Virgin Suicides


Heavier than the feel good movies on this list, this movie captures the depression and anxiety that plagues many teens. After their sister’s suicide, a family of girls is kept under close surveillance by their parents. Their experiments with sex and secret communications with neighborhood boys give this movie a dark, dreamy quality.


  1. Slums of Beverly Hills


Lesser-known than many 90s teen movies, this film is still relatable for girls in all eras. It follows 70s teen Vivian, who is constantly moving with her father and brothers as a result of a dire financial situation. This dark comedy tackles issues like buying a bra, losing your virginity, and menstruating.