Modernization of School Relationships

ClassDojo has raised more than twenty-one million dollars in a Series B venture. This is aimed at funding technologies that connect students’ parents and educators hence consistent communication about student’s activities in school.

They are able to communicate throughout the year and even throughout a normal school day. Parents are able to be apprised early of what their kids are experiencing and not being surprised by incidents during once-a-semester parent-teacher meetings.

According to co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the company started operating officially in 2015; they are using the capital to grow the team while figuring out the features and contents that can be helpful to the users of the application.

Teachers use ClassDojo to create a schedule of activities that are known to parents. They can snap and send videos and photos to guardians showing off student activities and latest projects.

When the idea of ClassDojo came up in 2011, the founders realised that there are several education technology businesses creating grade books, digital curriculum and testing platforms. The only missing application was the one that would create a community and culture among students, teachers and parents.

ClassDojo’s main competitors are from edtech companies like FreshGrade, Nearpod, Remind and kickboard. Currently, it is being used by educators in over hundred thousand schools ranging from charter and private to the largest public schools in the United States. They are now focusing on distributing the app to more parents and students.

The founders declared that they would never dare to make revenue off user’s data. All kids are entitled to their privacy. Instead, they have created premium content and features that parents would pay to use.

The investors of the app see it as an analogous to a messaging and social network platform such as Snapchat and Facebook, although the application is for educational purpose. The app enhances the chances of a kid’s success in life by instant correction whenever a fault occurs. You can easily imagine parents using the app due to their love and care for their children. They can also buy content like videos, yearbooks, lessons and discussion guides for home use.