Eric Pulier, Philanthropy Pioneer

American Entrepreneur Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey where at a young age he became interested in programming languages. His early start led him to the creation to a database computer company in High School. Obviously an intelligent and talented young man, Eric went on to attend school at Harvard University where he studied more language, but this time, the American language. Pulier’s professional career was nothing to scoff at either. PDT, People Doing Things, is a company created by Eric Pulier that utilizes technology to aid progressive health care and education. This is perhaps one of his most memorable works.


Truly a man of many talents such as work as a columnist, author, technologist, public speaker and entrepreneur, it comes as no surprise that Pulier also serves as a Philanthropist. He is seemingly most known for his philanthropic work due to the fact that his track record is quite impressive and inspiring. A notable philanthropic act of his is the Painted Turtle, a camp that serves children with chronic illnesses. Pulier seems to have quite the agenda towards helping children who are battling various health issues. A quality that we can surely all appreciate. Pulier’s innovation, money, time and commitment to giving back is making quite an impact and is hopefully inspiring others to follow suit in acts of selflessness. Back in the year 1990, Eric worked with former President Bill Clinton to solve cloud computing needs in areas that demanded it. The many ways Eric has served and continues to serve the community suggest the ways of a Philanthropy Pioneer.