Spectacular Event Spaces And The Taralluci E Vino Experience

Often times, when the question of restaurants with great event space comes to mind, few important factors are considered: great food, a good backdrop which justifies the celebration and an excellent service that offers the enjoyment of a time. These factors tend to influence the choice of an event space and restaurant considered suitable for the desired experience. In a situation where a better option is available, it is not enough to settle for the good.

Gramercy Tavern Restaurant

Established in 1974 by Danny Meyer in a historic landmark structure and located at the Gramercy Park. The Gramercy Tavern is one of America’s cherished restaurants known for its unparalleled services in welcoming guests with warm hospitality to enjoy America’s contemporary cuisine. For two decades Chef Michael Anthony has served boldly seasonal menu which consists of sumptuous dishes that show the restaurant’s affiliation with purveyors and local farmers.

The restaurant is also seen to provide two pleasant dining experiences as a Dining Room and a Tavern. While the Tavern serves a casual menu in a walk-in setting and provides daily a four-course menu at dinner, the Dining Room offers fixed prices and a very tasty menu. The restaurant’s event space provides a classic spot for a private party.

China Blue

This is a new spot located in Tribeca with beautifully furnished interiors which shows a contrast between a classic and lofty downtown space and the jazz age Shanghai we often imagine. It is composed of ornamental lights, old fashioned touches and bookshelves made of dark wood and lined with elegant flea market items. The event space is divided into partial rooms which provide great space for private events as the spaces can accommodate a party of any size.

Taralluci E Vino

Situated in Union Square, Taralluci E Vino provides two elegant event spaces that are very suitable for any occasion or event. With Chef Ricardo Bilotta who creates a very inspirational menu to everyone’s admiration through a blend of modern culinary methods and traditional Italian cuisine.

Being an intimate room, the Mezzanine provides a perfect avenue for a small and private gathering of 30 or a cocktail party for 80 guests. The room is well sophisticated and warm which makes everyone feel even more at home. It is also equipped with a bar and a lounge area, furnished with unique mirrors, antique cabinets and artworks, gorgeous custom bricks with a state of the art wine cellar.

Taralluci’s elegant and spacious 6th Floor Loft can be used for any type of event, be it a bussiness meeting of 50 participants or a birthday party of about 120 invitees. Same as the Mezzanine, it is furnished with a lounge area, a bar, good looking custom tables, spectacular and antique mirrors and stunning chandeliers. Taralluci’s impressive wine selection reflects a unique commitment to seamlessly executed events by offering excellent services and unparalleled hospitality that are very much central to the Taralluci E Vino experience.

Not only is the space very beautiful, the coordinating staff and workers at Taralluci are also very impressive and beyond helpful in planning events and occasions, they work with you for months helping you plan your event so that on the actual day your expectations will be floored and your guests will get remarking on how wonderful and delicious everything is. Surely, Taralluci E Vino assures you of a thrilling experience for any upcoming event ranging from a dinner party to a wedding party.