Andy Wirth is Fighting Back for Those Who Fight For Us

The time to help our Navy Seals is now. These men and women are out there fighting for our rights and freedoms on a daily basis and barely receive a thank you from the men and women they are protecting and fighting for. Andy Wirth is going above and beyond to help assist these men and women by creating the Special Warfare Warriors team that will participate in the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe event. Andy has a goal of raising $30,000 and you can help in his efforts by donating to the cause here.

Andy’s appreciation of what these men and women do for us is something we can all appreciate and support. Andy became directly involved with this foundation after friending some members of the elite unit after a skydiving accident almost took his life. These men and women were there for him in his time of need and supported him through it all. All proceeds from this fundraising effort will be donated to the Navy Seals Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to honoring our military men and women and providing them and their families with the support they deserve.

The mission of the Navy Seals Foundation that is being supported by Andy Wirth and the Special Warfare Warriors team are helping to support the five pillars of support to these military members and their families. The five pillars of support are Warrior Support and Family Services, educational opportunities, tragedy assistance, survivor support, and legacy preservation. The survivor support system includes providing legal assistance, financial counseling, tax preparation services, grief counselling, supplemental child care, rental/mortgage assistance and much more.

You can read more about Andy Wirth’s story that inspired him to help on the website found here. Help show your support by donating today to this great team and cause.