Why Does The Suicide Squad Need A Therapist?

Movie stars and therapists seem to go together. Woody Allen famously saw an analyst for years and years. Usually, Keith Man says stars will go see a therapist after shooting a movie or, at the very least, away from the set. For the cast of Suicide Squad, a therapist is present on set to help anyone from getting a little too much into his or her villain role.

Method acting helps actors really get into a role. Director David Ayers would love to see his actors give the best performance possible. He may not want to deal with them acting a little too villainous on the set. Having a therapist on hand just might help curtail such problems from happening.

And the presence of a therapist helps get a little news and buzz out there online. Any and all publicity is good for a movie. The very unique idea of putting a therapist on a set definitely gets some word out on Suicide Squad.

The movie garnered a lot of press thanks to leaks from exterior shots. The feature is now shooting indoors on a sound stage. Leaks are not likely, which is a good thing. Not so good is a lack of buzz. A film surely needs hype in order to maintain interest. Suicide Squad has to be more than successful. It must be a huge hit since the film establishes many of the villains in the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe.

Interesting news such as a therapist being on the set helps keep the buzz going strong.