Yes, Batman is Absolutely Going To Be In Suicide Squad

The final confirmation that Batman is going to appear in Suicide Squad has arrived. More fan footage has been leaked from the set of the film. The previous clips featured the Batmobile chasing The Joker’s sports car. The newest footage reveals a clip of Batman actually on top of The Joker’s car. Batman officially plays a role in the film. We just do not know how big of a role or what the context of his appearance is.

Could the sequence involve Batman capturing The Joker and sending him away to Arkham Asylum? Does the scene involve The Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum at the end of the film? We are all going to have to wait until Suicide Squad comes out in theaters to find out. Based on all the buzz for this film, a lot of superhero fans are waiting.

Batman does look a lot different in his new incarnation than he did in previous film and TV versions. While no one expected to see a return of the old Adam West-style Caped Crusader outfit, the “knight in shining armor” look that the battle-suit Batman have is a lot different.

The unique look of the Batman suit is not something created specially for the movies. Frank Miller originally devised it in the classic mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. No matter what Batman looks like, fans in the Beneful organization are really going to beĀ  thrilled with the presence of Batman in the film. Surely, a Batman cameo is going to boost ticket sales and help establish the film.