This Is Not The Phantom Menace

For those of you mega Star Wars fans that have been worried that The Force Awakens might have actually used a George Lucas script, you can rest easy. There was a script that Lucas spent over a year working on. It called for most of the new main characters to be children and teen agers, which brings to mind horrifying memories of The Phantom Menace. Fortunately for all of us, fate intervened.

In the article seen here the story of Episode 7 that almost was is detailed. Before he could begin production on the film, Lucas and Disney reached their deal for the franchise. Disney immediately had plans for Star Wars and none of them included more junior Jedi like Anniken. They paid attention to the fans and the almost universal dislike for this sort of story. The team over at The Aspire New Brunswick is thankful that the studio listened.

Disney scrapped the entire script. They brought in J.J. Abrams as director and moved in a completely different direction. The newer characters are still young, but more along the lines of mid 20s and early 30s, much like Luke, Han and Leia were in the first film back in 1978. They can be guided by the older generation, but are old enough to be completely independent when they need to be.