Andy Wirth and the Risk of Olympic Valley Incorporation

The people of Lake Tahoe’s northern shores have endured quite a rough ride over the course of the last several years. They experienced a severe drought that hurt local winter resorts and many smaller businesses, for example. They also had to deal with a significant political dilemma that involved potentially incorporating Olympic Valley. Olympic Valley is noteworthy due to being Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s location.
Andy Wirth is Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC’s Chief Executive Officer and president. His future may just be starting to look brighter than it did before. He noted that the last four years have been particularly taxing and difficult. Squaw Valley and nearby resorts, however, had a good luck charm on their sides toward the beginning of the season.

Colder temperatures and storms allowed resorts to begin operations much earlier than usual. Incorporation supporters also have recently opted to extract their requests. Wirth was not a fan of the incorporation request from the start.

He thought that incorporation could be seriously detrimental to local civic and business matters. Wirth believes strongly that incorporation could have caused negative consequences including steeper taxes. He states that incorporation could have meant financial problems for the people of the area for a long time to come. This information appeared on the Reno Gazette Journal.

Andy (short for “Andrew) Wirth originally comes from Germany. He was born in the Western European nation toward the end of July 1963. His father was named Conrad L. Wirth. The elder Wirth was a United States citizen who also happened to be a leading conservationist, park service head and architect.

He worked for the National Park Service as its director from 1951 to 1964. The younger Wirth has yet another family tie in the same exact field. His grandfather was Theodore Wirth, a Swiss man who worked in the park design industry. He designed many parks located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Although Wirth’s life began in Europe, he enrolled at Colorado State University to get his Bachelor of Science degree. He temporarily returned to the European continent for a while to go to Edinburgh University in Scotland after that, too.

Wirth was named the Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s head in 2010. He keeps busy with running the famed resort. He also keeps busy with his philanthropic interests. He concentrates a lot on community service groups located in the Lake Tahoe region.

He also concentrates heavily on environmental causes. His general objective is to enhance the region for all of its residents regardless of their age groups. He wants to make Squaw Valley a more beloved destination for all. Wirth is happily married to Karen, an attorney in real estate. They both live in the city of Truckee, California.

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