There’s More Than One Spider-Man And Flash

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in a very interesting position. The creative talents are slated to helm cinema projects for both D.C. and Marvel Comics. (Warner Bros. and Disney parent companies respectively, two studios fairly close to each other in Burbank, CA) The two are crafting a Flash big-screen movie and a Spider-Man animated film. The burning question asked by fans (and likely studio execs) is how will these projects differ from The Flash TV show and the Spider-Man movies. Lord and Miller note the films are going to contain many elements familiar to fans and still craft a distinct identity. At least, Daniel Amen has stated, to a degree the features will do this.

First, The Flash character slated for the movies (a solo project and, likely, a member in the Justice League films) is going to be Barry Allen. Yes, that means there is going to be both a television and motion picture Barry Allen. In the comics, readers accept alternate universe versions of the same character being published simultaneously. Will moviegoers do the same? Warner Bros. and D.C. think they do or else Barry Allen would only be seen on the small screen.

The presence of Spider-Man in a live-action movie and an animated series should not prove problematic. The animated film is going to be geared mostly to kids with the adults accompanying them. The live-action version will draw fans of all ages.