Sharing Office Space Provides Many Benefits for NYC Business


The NYC businessperson now has an option when it comes to leasing an office and paying all of the menial costs that are associated with it. They can save money by outsourcing such expenses as rent, buying furniture and maintaining the office with cleaning. printing and coffee by coworking in a shared office space. Today, more people are setting up their business in an environment that they share rather than opening an office of their own.

This is not a unique concept, but as Business 2 Community points out recently it has become a trend in providing office conditions. Business owners save thousands of dollars a year on costs that are included in the one price of the rent while enjoying a high-class atmosphere and organization that is greatly valued in a coworking space. Workville in NYC has established an excellent prototype for shared office space, and many similar offices are opening across the country.

Workville has a brilliant location in Times Square on the 21st floor in a luxury office building overlooking the city. The desk space is either dedicated or open, which allows you to choose the price point that works best for you. The common space, cafe’ and the exquisitely furnished lounge areas are highlighted in marble with sculptured lights that allow you to enjoy a wealthy atmosphere. All of this is included in the monthly desk rent, which is either $500 or $750 a month.

The only other costs that Workville requires extra fees for is a designated meeting space that starts at $100 an hour and virtual mail, which starts at $50 a month. Everything else that you would have to account for in your own office, such as cleaning fees, printing, electric bills, maintenance, fresh coffee and beautiful terraces is included. Workville is a shared office space where everyone benefits, and if you are just starting a business or desire to work intensely and not be bothered with incidentals, then this state-of-the-art office concept is for you.

Renting shared office space is a spectacular way to save money and focus more on your work at hand. You get to enjoy the benefits of being well-taken care of with perhaps bottomless coffee and beer on tap, all included in your desk rental space. This is the perfect way to eliminate all the routine tasks that keep an office running while still getting to have them available.