Andy Wirth Philanthropist And CEO Of Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Andy Wirth lost his arm in a skydiving accident, but has recovered fully after having endured a great deal of pain and difficulty with his recovery. But that’s precisely why he has such compassion for his fellow man. The hardships he experienced gave him an insight to the difficulties that the military disabled have as well (more at

He has done a great deal of fund raising regarding his favorite philanthropic enterprises, and uses sports as a vehicle to help others understand the ups and downs they have in order to get the most from life. After having experienced such a life he enjoys every minute.

A threatening episode during his skydiving experience has caused him to continue to enjoy sports but does it in a sublime way he could never have achieved prior to the accident. That’s why giving back is so important to Andy Wirth.

CrunchBase reported that in all the philanthropic adventures and programs he helps to support, he does so from a very personal point of view. Andy Wirth’s work and Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows is done with concern about the enjoyment and happiness to his clients, no matter who they may be.

Families and children are also a part of the programs found there, and he is sure to give the personal touch to all his endeavors whether business or philanthropic.

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