Women Have a Role Model In Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams has shown that she is a woman that other women could look up to. Given that women have come a long way to rise above oppression, they need someone to look up to so that they can keep up the good work towards their goals. For one thing, leadership is very important. However, one doe snot have to be in a political position in order to be considered a leader. There are other things that a woman can do in order to be considered a leader. Andrea McWilliams has done a lot of these activities. This is one of the reasons that she is considered one of the best role models for women.

Among the most important factors for leadership is what one does for the community. Andrea McWilliams has done a lot for her community in Austin. She has been involved in fundraising and even participating for different charities that are geared towards women. Among the charities she has gotten herself involved in was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is an issue that many women are faced with. It is a devastating issue that needs better treatment. She has not only made donations, but has spoken on the issue of breast cancer and cancer itself.

Andrea McWilliams has done so much for her community. She manages to keep herself busy as well. One of the best ways that she leads people is through her example. When she is working towards a goal that is noble and beneficial to everyone in her community, she is not only making life better for others but also encouraging others to participate in similar activities. Andrea McWilliams in this case has shown that she has a huge heart and a willingness to engage her community in meaningful ways.