Desiree Perez Turns Tidal Around

In the beginning it seemed like Tidal was headed nowhere fast. Jay-Z spend a fortune trying to get the label off the ground, but there were so many doubters. People did not think that he would become very profitable because there were already so many players in the music streaming business. It seemed very unlikely that he would be able to take on Pandora and Spotify. This didn’t stop him though. He was persistent with his vision.

In the midst of all of this, there were top executives that jumped shipped and left Jay-Z stranded. He had to look for someone else to push the buttons behind the scenes as a top executive. This is where Desiree Perez – also known as Des Perez with music industry insiders – steps into the picture and starts to take care of business.

She is a businesswoman that is good with numbers. She knows how to formulate strategies, and this is why she is the best woman for the job right now. Tidal is getting a lot of more customers, and Des Perez is certainly the one that is making this happen. She is a tough business woman, and she has been able to put co-owners like Beyoncé and Rihanna into better positions as well.

This move forward with Des Perez has proven that Jay-Z has the ability to pick some great people to run the company. He has totally stepped away from the music and dedicated his time and energy to the business that he has invested in. That is a lot to take on when Spotify is already grounded with catalogs, but Jay-z has the ability to get customers with new material from new artists.

Beyoncé had a huge hit with the mysterious “Lemonade” album. The visual album covered many topics, and fans wondered if Jay-Z and Beyoncé were calling it quits after seeing this compilation of videos. That certainly has not been the case, but the marketing behind this was devised by Des Perez. She also made the deal for the “Formation” tour. It shows that she knows how to get customers excited.

If Jay-Z is lucky, Perez may be able to get involved with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and get access to songs in the vault that Prince left behind. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were close friends with Prince, and Prince was close with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.