Examining Qnet’s Role in Direct Selling

Qnet has been in the direct selling business for only 16 years but is has competed favorably against hitherto established business rivals. What was started by a group of young friends has gone on to become a colossus in direct selling. At the beginning, their vision was to market products for the sake of promoting healthier lifestyles. Over the years, it has been acclaimed for its provision of customer-oriented products and services. These include skincare products, luxury watches and jewelry. Ethical business practices have warranted the perpetuation of the firm in the competitive world of direct selling.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

The marketer has a vigorous testing process, for new products before they start selling them. This is done to ensure that they are of good quality and meet the highest ethical requirements. The new products must also meet standards set by the firm before they start being sold on its platform. Qnet has been opposed to cruelty against animals and the dilapidation of nature. This explains why it has endeavored to stick to a vegan philosophy. Meals that are served at events held by the firm are strictly lacto-vegetarian. This is often done to promote meat-free diet as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Qnet has made efforts to raise awareness among the general population about ailments such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and many other degenerative disorders. In this regard, it has continually ensured that the food products that it markets have less sugar, non-natural sweeteners and other harmful chemicals. These have been the major causes of degenerative illnesses. The company believes that by limiting the sugar and chemical content in the products sold, most of these diseases will be controlled.

Qnet’s Philanthropic Activities

Qnet has become renowned for its philanthropic activities. With the immense business success that it has experienced, the firm decided to strengthen its corporate social responsibility activities. Its charity has a global outlook because it supports noble initiatives all over the world. It has relentlessly ensured that the needs of local and global communities are met through various community programs.

Qnet has been adherent in its support to the Rashid Center, which runs programs aimed at benefiting children with special needs by advocating their rights. Guided by its CSR mantra We Care, Qnet’s benevolence has extended to numerous other causes. Its partnership with the Lions Clubs International in particular has seen it make donate a Kidney Dialysis machine to Shirdi Hospital in Bangalore. It has also contributed water treatment and storage equipment to schools in rural India.

Support the RYTHM Foundation with Kind Words!

QNet, “a Hong Kong based direct selling company,” has teamed up with RYTHM Foundation and HomePure to help bring clean water to these schools: Taarana in Malaysia and Rashid Centre in United Arab Emirates. Many children and adults are suffering from poor water quality and often times get sick from drinking unclean water. This initiative can really help those in critical need by setting up HomePure RED units in each of these schools.

QNet has been running a campaign called the Positive Thoughts Project. What you have to do is to make a positive comment responding to a post the RYTHM Foundation’s official Facebook page.

If QNet receives 500 comments in the first two weeks, they will donate a HomePure RED unit to Taarana. If QNet receives another 500 comments in the second two weeks, they will donate another unit of HomePure RED to Rashid Centre.

Taarana is a school for children with special learning needs, and Rashid Centre is a facility for the disabled. With just a simple gesture of positive comment, you can make a significant impact to those people in need. You are allowed to comment up to three times total. Even if you reached your quota, you can still help out by sharing this with your friends, family, or colleagues on social media.

Go out and help today by simply making a positive comment on that page. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, it’s as easy as it sounds. Let’s help bring clean water to those in need right now!

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