POP’s New Reality Drama Shines The Light On Former Soap Stars

Six former soap opera divas have come together to film POP Networks newest hit reality series Queens of Drama. In this soft scripted show big names like Donna Mills, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, and Chrystee Pharris band together to try and get a big name network to pick up the pilot episode of their soap opera. Yes these soap opera veterans have come together to write, cast, produce, and pitch their very own soap opera with the hopes it will become a major hit.

Right off the bat Vanessa Marcil appoints herself interim leader of the group and brings in Donna Mills to help the production move along. However Mills then brings in Hunter Tylo without asking which annoys the girls immediately. Crystal Hunt, the ‘catty’ one of the group, decides to take matters into her own hands and calls a former co-star and queen of the screen Joan Collins. Unfortunately for Hunt Collins and Mills are old pals and their plan is thwarted by Collins herself. Hunt has also been in consistent fights on the show with her former co-star Lindsey Hartley.

Though Crystal Hunt may play an overly mean diva version of herself Hunt has had many outstanding roles in her career. Her most noted role was on the soap opera The Guiding Light where she played the troubled daughter of two main cast members. Her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006 earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination as well as a horde of loyal fans. A few years later she landed the role of Stacy Morasco on ABC’s longest running show One Life To Live. Hunt’s character Stacy stirred up drama the moment she walked through the door, but she redeemed herself in her final hours by sacrificing her own life for her sister and newborn baby girl.

Hunt has had success in major motion pictures as well as a few appearances in other shows. In 2005 she starred in The Derby Stallion then took a roll alongside Amanda Bynes in Sydney White. Most recently she appeared in the hit sequel Magic Mike XXL and 23 Blast. Before she began filming for Queens of Drama Hunt was a photographer, then took a spin in the producers chair with a friend and fellow actress. Her movie Talbot County debuted in late summer last year.  Check out Crystal Hunt on her Official Facebook Page.