Businesswomen That Empower Others

As the Director of Strategic Planning Susan McGalla that she has the skills to build a brand. Since she holds this position in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers she also shows that she has the ability to lead in a male-dominated field. This is the type of woman that has inspired me down through the years. She has become one of the most intriguing people in the business world because she has proven herself and been rewarded for her work. She has never given any woman the false impression that this was an easy thing to do though. McGalla encourages women by painting the picture of what they will have to encounter before they get the chance to break through that glass ceiling.

Susan McGalla and many other women have made the transition to leadership in the corporate world, but it has not been easy. There are not always a lot of people in CEO positions. The president of Yahoo! is currently a CEO, but there are still fewer than 10% of the Fortune 500 companies that have women in charge. That is why women are finding the efforts of these women in leadership so inspiring. A lot of women will look for the best way to break into the corporate sector as a leader, but the current leaders started small. Susan McGalla worked her way up in the industry. She did not start out in CEO status, and this is what many women will have to remember. There are small steps that have to be taken in order to reach the big steps. This can be a very important thing to master because it makes you humble. It also allows you to rise and make better decisions as you become a leader because you have been at the lower level of a corporation. A lot of people that have skipped the lower level do not have a good relationship with employees. They may not know what these employees are going through because they have not been on this level. This can make it a lot harder to lead.

What women will realize is that there may not be a lot of women in positions as president, but there are tons of women in business in general. There are women that have leadership roles at Oracle, Facebook and Xerox. There are women that are leading businesses through marketing and strategic planning. All of this will lead to butter streams of revenue. It will also allow these women to open more doors for females that want to lead. The glass ceiling is definitely real in the business world, and many women are getting trapped under it. So many have the desire to do enter the corporate world, but many males have been chosen for positions so women have to prove themselves in the business world.