Dick DeVos Believes In Helping Charities

One of the core foundations of the way that people can help other people is charities. For many generations, charities have been at the heart of helping literally millions of people from all walks of life. Whether helping people who need food, clothing, or a place to stay, charities have been one of the main ways that people who need help have been able to get help. There is much more to charities than meets the eye. Charities are organizations that have management and people who handle the daily tasks that are required to run charities successfully.


While the need for money is probably the most important aspect of any charity, there must be people in place to handle the money that comes into the charities from financial contributions. These people are very important to ensuring that the people who need help are able to receive the help from charities. Many charities have various ways that the organizations go about raising money. One of the most popular is contribution drives. The charities set goals related to the amount of money that is needed or desired for a time period then the charities go about various ways to raise the money.


These contribution drives can be very successful. The contributions that are raised come in all contribution sizes. The size of the contributions range from a few dollars to millions of dollars. The charities that are successful at raising money usually have most of the contributions come in smaller amounts, but the charities have many smaller contributions that add up to a substantial amount of money. In addition, successful charities tend to have a few large contributions. The large contributions are important because the larger contributions allow charities to meet contribution goals plus more.


An individual who has provided many large contributions to various charities is Dick DeVos. He has given millions of dollars to charities over the years that has totaled over 139 millions dollars. In combination with his wife Betsy DeVos, the couple has helped many charities. The couple has a passion for helping people. Both locally and nationally, the couple has provided contributions to charities that have helped thousands of people.


Dick DeVos is someone who has accomplished a lot both in his professional career and personal life. He is known for many different things that includes his amazing financial contributions to various charities, but he is known for many other things such as his tremendous executive leadership ability. Dick DeVos has held key executive positions at several major corporations that includes Amway and the Orlando Magic. He is also the current president of the Windquest Group. At every stop in his professional career, Dick DeVos has been and continues to be successful.



Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Continue Newark Development Projects

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal will be returning to Newark, New Jersey to co-host a “Believe in Newark” 3-on-3 basketball tournament that will be held on Broad Street in front of City Hall, according to www.nj.com. The tournament will include brackets for both boys and girls, and preliminary games were held recently at the John F. Kennedy recreation center.
O’Neal, who played in the National Basketball Association for 19 years, was born and raised in Newark (until high school) and has been involved in other Newark development projects throughout his career. Most recently he has partnered with the New Brunswick-based Boraie Development on several projects.
In 2012, he worked with Boraie Development LLC on a $7 million project to open a Cityplex movie theater in Newark’s Central Ward. The opening of the theatre was an important event for Newark’s development. The theater’s amenities include a 300-seat auditorium and leather seats. Locals have responded to the project with enthusiasm. Attendance at the theater has more than doubled since its opening.
In 2013, O’Neal continued working with Boraie Development to begin construction on Newark’s first high-rise apartment building in almost 50 years. The building includes amenities such as a pool, gym, and doorman, and is located near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.
Other projects in which O’Neal has partnered with Boraie include a market-rate housing facility in Newark, as well as a retail complex located in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Boraie Development has been working for thirty years to enhance urban communities in New Jersey. The company played a critical role in the gentrification of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and most recently has been focusing its efforts on downtown Newark. Boraie Development’s investment strategy is to invest in urban neighborhoods with intrinsic value through redevelopment activities. Boraie Development also offers property management services such as leasing, maintenance, and accounting.
Boraie was started by an Egyptian chemist, Omar Boraie, who came to the United States in 1970 for a doctorate program. Boraie never returned to chemistry, but instead entered the real estate business, later involving all three of his adult children in the business as well. The Boraie family has been involved in New Jersey politics as political donors. They have given $312,420 to New Jersey politicians and political committees, along with $10,000 to Corey Booker’s bid for Senate, and $10,600 for his runs for mayor of Newark.
The Boraie family met O’Neal through O’Neal’s uncle, who lives in New Jersey. The partnership continues to thrive and have an impact on New Jersey communities.

Andy Wirth is Fighting Back for Those Who Fight For Us

The time to help our Navy Seals is now. These men and women are out there fighting for our rights and freedoms on a daily basis and barely receive a thank you from the men and women they are protecting and fighting for. Andy Wirth is going above and beyond to help assist these men and women by creating the Special Warfare Warriors team that will participate in the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe event. Andy has a goal of raising $30,000 and you can help in his efforts by donating to the cause here.

Andy’s appreciation of what these men and women do for us is something we can all appreciate and support. Andy became directly involved with this foundation after friending some members of the elite unit after a skydiving accident almost took his life. These men and women were there for him in his time of need and supported him through it all. All proceeds from this fundraising effort will be donated to the Navy Seals Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to honoring our military men and women and providing them and their families with the support they deserve.

The mission of the Navy Seals Foundation that is being supported by Andy Wirth and the Special Warfare Warriors team are helping to support the five pillars of support to these military members and their families. The five pillars of support are Warrior Support and Family Services, educational opportunities, tragedy assistance, survivor support, and legacy preservation. The survivor support system includes providing legal assistance, financial counseling, tax preparation services, grief counselling, supplemental child care, rental/mortgage assistance and much more.

You can read more about Andy Wirth’s story that inspired him to help on the website found here. Help show your support by donating today to this great team and cause.