Keeping The Spirit Alive

It has been years since the passing of Michael Jackson, a death that shocked and saddened the world. Not since the tragic passing of Princess Diana had the world expressed such a unified sadness at losing a person. Michael Jackson touched the hearts and lives of many, and continues to do so in unexpected ways.

Celebrity impersonators are perhaps looked at as a novelty however they create a much needed security blanket in times of loss. The world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes, knows the joy and comfort he brings to fans of the King of Pop. For Cortes the loss of Michael Jackson meant no longer following in his footsteps but carrying his memory and persona on.

Sergio Cortes got his start as a Michael Jackson impersonator in his teens after dressing like Michael for photos, but his admiration of the singer started long before that. As a child watching the Jackson 5, Sergio’s mother commented how alike they looked; he favored the singer even more as he grew and developed a passion for the singer’s music and performance, leading him to begin grooming himself in the manner of the artist and perfecting dance moves and performance styles by the time he was a teen. His natural talent, strikingly similar looks and hard work has truly paid off and now that Michael Jackson has passed on his career is even more important.

With a keen sense of who the artist was and a passionate love for keeping him alive in spirit, Cortes continues to perform in venues across the world. Italy is the site of his latest tour, Human Nature Live, which is a live tribute to the late Michael Jackson that he performs some of the most famous hits. There is no greater happiness than keeping the spirit of Michael Jackson alive for Sergio Cortes.

Over 16,000 fans follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and Twitter; the performer acknowledges the importance of internet and social media in today’s world and encourages his fans to check in on where he is, what he is doing and to join him in celebrating all that Michael Jackson brought to the world. To see more about this artist visit his Facebook page and Twitter account, or be amazed at the uncanny likeness as you watch his performances on YouTube.

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In 2009, the world suffered the loss of the decade when the world’s number one pop superstar Micheal Jackson passed away. Many of us wondered what would become of his songs the legacy he had left behind. Michael Jackson had taken his fans hearts by his smart dance moves, heart melting voice and electric live performances. Many thought they would never see this again, but they were wrong, Sergio Cortes will keep Michael’s fire burning. Sergio would make sure that we would still be able to see the famous moonwalk and the anti-gravity lean again.

Sergio Cortes is a splitting resemblance of Michael Jackson. He is more than just a look alike since he literally adopted Michael Jackson’s lifestyle, from clothing, voice, dance moves and behavior. Having been born in Spain, as a young child he was a big fan of the group Jackson 5 with a special interest to the youngest brother. This was after his mother helped him discover they looked alike. After this discovery Sergio Cortes followed Michael Jackson’s life keenly and never missed any song or news about the group that showed on TV. He started imitating what Michael Jackson from singing, dancing to clothes and performed in front of his friends. He did this repeatedly and before he realized small crowd’s were building up around him whenever he performed.

His breakthrough came one day as he was performing where he got noticed by a journalist. The journalist made him pose as Micheal Jackson and took pictures of him which he later posted in on the internet. The photos went viral and brought him out to the face of the world.He started getting invited to concerts and events to perform as Michael Jackson. Through the years he has been doing this in South America. He earns his living through impersonating Michael Jackson. He has perfected on it after doing it for so many years.

Back then when Michael Jackson was still alive, he met with Sergio Cortes and they spend some time together. After Michael’s death Sergio fully assumed the role of performing as Michael Jackson all round the world he has visited lots of cities around the world to deliver the thrill of Michael Jackson. He gives the fans a true memory of his it really felt to watch a Michael Jackson performance. Sergio Cortes acknowledges through this Facebook fun page that being an artist of great talent in dancing, singing and acting is not easy especially when you are to be exactly like someone else.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Uncanny Resemblance To A Legend

Take a quick visit to the Facebook fan page of Sergio Cortes, you will not believe your eyes at the uncanny resemblance to the king of pop Michael Jackson. He dresses and walks just like the king of pop. He talks and sings exactly like Michael Jackson. He even dances and composes songs like MJ reincarnated. Trying to mimic the superstar might appear easy for someone with his exact looks, but Cortes tells us is actually is a very challenging task.

Sergio Cortes says on his profile pages that being a celebrity impersonator is quite difficult. The reason that Cortes appears to have an easier journey than others is because not only does he live and breathe everything Michael Jackson, he feels it is his obligation, honor, and privilege to bring his talents to Michale Jackson fans worldwide.

The absolute incredible likeness between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson gives him the ability to be able to perform around the world at different talent shows and musicals. Take a look at his videos on his Facebook profile page to get a small sampling of his incredible abilities.

Sergio have well over 16,000 fans following him on Facebook. It’s through these social media outlets that he can showcase his Gog-given skills, speak one-on-one with the fans and accept many business proposals he is offered to perform.

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The amazing similarity between the Sergio and Michale can not be understated. Sergio was thrown into that spotlight back when he was just a small boy. He had an uncanny look that resembled little Michael Jackson who was touring the world with his brothers in the Jackson 5. When his mother suggested that he take a picture of himself, it set in motion a course of events that would define who Sergio Cortes is today. Sergio goes on toe say that, “I remember back then paying attention to how Michael would dance and sing, how he carried himself both with the media surrounding him and his brothers and his growing group of loyal fans.

“Michael Jackson has had a lasting impact on my life for the long-term, “says Sergio Cortes. With help from Jackson’s fans, Sergio learns to overcome pain associated with losing his childhood idol, and move forward keeping that spirit alive.