Organo Gold is Revolutionizing Coffee

Today many are realizing the value of natural herbs in maintaining health and vitality and Organo Gold fulfills a host of needs. Simply put, Organo Gold is an herbal multi-product that uses the Ganodema Lucida mushroom (a fungus) that grows best in an environment on the wood of trees, live or fallen in Asia. It is a spectacular mushroom, not used in cooking but for its nutritional benefits. Organo Gold specifically uses the Ganoderma found in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou geographic region.

Traditional Chinse medicine has employed this herbal substance for centuries with remarkable success. Even modern pharmaceuticals cannot make claims of such long term results.

In Chinese the term “spiritual potency” is used to describe Ganoderma, in Japanese it is called the “King of Herbs”. As with other herbs used in Traditional medicine, the benefits are multiple, from body management to skin care.

Organo Gold has created multiple products from Ganoderma that suit the tastes and lifestyles of its customers, from coffee beverages and teas, to skin creams. It has also developed and entrepreneurial system that has opened up many doors to success for representatives and distributors of this remarkable and delicious product.

Bernardo Chua is the developer and moving force behind Organo Gold and its growing network of entrepreneurs. Bernardo Chua has based his work ethic on his Chinese/Philippine ancestry and his knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine.

Bringing the benefits of the Ganodema Lucida mushroom and his skills at marketing combined into a worldwide network of over one million entrepreneurial distributors who benefit from the all-encompassing Organo Gold marketing system has to offer.

Organo Gold member/entrepreneurs benefit from selling a host of genuinely beneficial products to eager customers and profiting from their own energy and skill-building from Organo Gold’s support network. Bernardo Chua’s expertise at Chinese herbals and marketing acumen have all combined into a successful formula that benefits seller and buyer alike.

Entrepreneurs such as Bernardo Chua are the rising stars in business in Asia, a monumental marketing environment for consumers and motivated individuals seeking to better their own lives and those of others. Organo Gold’s marketing model offers a path to business success for members and satisfaction for customers that few can match.