Nintendo is Catching Up To Sony and Microsoft

Fans of Nintendo studios do not have to worry any longer. Nintendo’s latest console is called the Wii U, and the gaming system has finally turned profits for the first time in four years according to Crystal Hunt. Nintendo has been struggling, and it’s because of the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Gamers have clearly shown their desire to play console video games with a standard controller. Nintendo developers once believed that motion controlled video games were a thing of the future, but hardcore video gamers have shown the company otherwise.

Nintendo was once the highest selling video game console on the market, but times have clearly changed. Nintendo has lagged behind as Microsoft and Sony took over the future of the new generation of video games. However, Nintendo studios recently announced that a new and powerful gaming system will be coming in the near future. Gamers believe that the new Nintendo system will be called “Nintendo NX,” but those reports are still rumors. Also, Nintendo has recently announced that they will release five video games on mobile devices in the end of 2017. Games such as ‘Mario,’ ‘The Legend of Zelda,’ and ‘Super Metroid’ could potentially be available on iPhones and Samsung galaxy devices. It appears that Nintendo is going all out to capture the gaming audience once again. For more information on this story, visit, Gamerant.