Nine9 Takes the Entertainment Industry By Storm

Nine9 is a talent service firm that has changed the way models and actors are portrayed by the entertainment industry. Nine9 Talent Agency was founded by Anthony Toma, an entrepreneur and businessman with several businesses across different industries including entertainment, service, and retail. Toma has been working with influential industry leaders in the entertainment industry and is passionate about creating opportunities for all who have the ambition, willingness, and heart of believing and investing in themselves.

The Origin of Nine9

According to Toma, the concept of Nine9 was initiated when he was dealing with groceries. He was searching for franchising opportunities in the food business. This is how he found a franchise involved in acting and modeling. The offer was from Orlando, Florida. Toma bought the franchise there, invested in learning everything about the trade, and later expanded his franchise ownership to 26 franchises countrywide. Although the franchise had investors, it eventually went under.Anthony ┬áToma was forced to keep the idea alive by developing his own company in 2003. The company goes by the name “Coral Reef Productions Inc” and is now operating as Nine9. See Photos .

How Do You Come Up with Ideas

When asked how he came up with ideas, Anthony Toma says that he begins by forming questions that might hinder or show weaknesses in his idea. The next step is to take the ideas to his team, present the ideas to them, and ask them to show the weaknesses in these ideas. The final step is to bring the idea to life by posting it online, publicizing it, running some tests, and finally launching it. Nine9 at LinkedIn .

About Nine9

The mission of Nine9 is simple: 99% of actors and models are not backed by an agency that represents their best interests. Nine9 helps aspiring actors and models make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. This firm offers the 99% with the opportunities, tools, and support they need to start and take their careers to the next level. The firm is based on the belief that power comes in numbers, and that 99% is superior to 1%. for more .


Nine9’s Inspiring Success Stories

Nine9 is a company that brings the best talent to the right casting directors. Those in need of professional actors and great personalities for anything show business related can use Nine9 to cast for those jobs. Working with Nine9 means putting your career in the hands of the right people who can lead you in a direction that you want, whether it’s acting, runway, or modeling. Nine9 is the right person to go to if you want to succeed and grow efficiently. See Photo Here.

John L. is a man who landed roles left and right after joining the company. He landed a supporting role in an online TV show, and he has been excited to work on that. He also received multiple auditions and even an extra role within two months of being part of the site. Nine9 Blogs .

Caden B. is a guy who succeeded within weeks of joining this company. He has been cast in multiple places as an extra and continues to get more work being a background actor. It is opening up doors for him that he otherwise wouldn’t have ever seen come through. Glassdoors Reviews for Nine9 .

The site is primarily a place for actors to find jobs and castings. In an instant, an actor can look through their database and look for jobs that fit their type. If you feel like you fit the role needed, you can submit and Nine9 will be there to support you. The people who work on the site will work you personally with workshops, headshots, and all that other fun stuff to help you get prepared for anything to come your way. Those in need of looking for actors can post what they want and what they are looking for in regards to the roles they need to fill. Nine9 is the one agency that can benefit everybody. for more.