They Are Really Making Another Labyrinth Movie

You may or may not remember Labyrinth, a very quirky 80’s movie that was part fairy tale, part muppet movie, part David Bowie vehicle. The film was a flop but gained a massive cult following is a part of a generation’s childhood. Both Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie’s too-tight pants were part of the formative years of millions of people. Even Jon Urbana recently mentioned the influence this film played in his life when Bloomberg interviewed him.

So naturally you might think that remaking the film, or creating a modern sequel, is a no-brainer. After all, Transformers was a massive success. Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought grown men to tears (of joy).

It’s happening. A new Labyrinth film is really being made. And honestly, the idea is appalling.

Let’s think about this. David Bowie passed away. That means we don’t get the best part of the movie – Jareth, the Goblin King – at all. Are the film makers going to get someone else to try to fill his shoes? Impossible!

Second, Jim Henson is also dead. His puppets and sheer imagination was the other compelling thing about the film. The weird talking door knockers, the stink bog, that creepy tunnel drill, all of those things are from Henson. If you have ever seen the new muppet show, which obviously is made without Jim, you know that it just isn’t the same. The voices are weird, the puppets look too polished, and it’s missing that spark.

Does anyone really want to see a Labyrinth movie devoid of Henson and Bowie? At best it will be a pastiche. Some things should just be left alone.

Indominus Rex Arrives, In Illustration Form

Long-time fans of Marvel Comics are surely familiar with the call “Imperius Rex!” This was the saying of the great Sub-Mariner when he went into battle. Now, fans of the Jurassic Park films can scream “Indominus Rex!” They won’t be doing to charge into battle though. They’ll be screaming this to the cast of the film when Indominus Rex, the name given to the new hybrid dinosaur, shows up on the scene.

Images have been leaked and they reveal what the long-hushed Jurassic World predator looks like. He ain’t pretty.

The creature is a four-legged hybrid of all various dino-creatures. And yes, he has really, really sharp teeth. The images of the creature are illustrations based on a forthcoming toy line. Anyone who thinks the creature looks, well, not that great, should be mindful the beast is going to look a lot different upon coming to life thanks to CGI effects.

What the creature looks like is not going to be as important as the role it plays in the film. The classic Toho monster Varan the Unbelievable was, basically, an over-sized squirrel. As silly as that sounds, Varan was frightening because he appeared in one of Toho’s best written and produced giant monster films.

A bit of cynicism surrounds the new Jurassic World film. Being too judgmental about the film so long in advance of it being released is unfair. The same can be said about criticizing the new dinosaur menace before actually seeing it in the movie. Beneful has some things to say about Jurassic World on their facebook page.

Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright to team up for “Baby Driver”

Tom Rothman, who is the head of TriStar Productions, recently announced that he is teaming up with Edgar Wright in order to begin work on his latest film, Baby Driver. This is an interesting story about an individual that is involved in a life of crime of a getaway driver.

He has his own style as a getaway driver. He uses the rhythm of his own personal soundtrack in order to get into a groove and be the best in the business as a result. Although he is a getaway driver, he does have his standards. Unfortunately he is coerced into working for a very nasty crime boss. This new boss of his literally threatens his life by making him engage in doomed heists. As he finds his life and freedom threatened, he must learn how to survive and do the right thing.

Tom Rothman said that he couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with Wright in order to help him produce his next film. He said that he was delighted to be “riding shotgun” with the project and would do everything in his power to help Wright’s latest project be a box office success. Rothman is ready to help Wright make this effort a box-office smash hit!


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The X-Wing Returns in The Force Awakens

More and more news is starting to leak out from the drawing board of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is one really hush-hush film. As far as the plot goes, right now, all we have are quite a few rumors and a whole lot of speculation.

Fans of the Star Wars movies can salivate over some images released that feature the new, tweaked design of the X-Wing fighter. The fighter is, of course, the “fighter jet” of The Empire in the original trilogy. The new version is not all that new. The X-Wing is still the X-Wing, but with some minor alterations. These changes do make sense. Since the film is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, the X-Wing had to have been upgraded at some point.

The design of the X-Wing was extremely inspiring. Little things such as designing a very original and innovative fighting craft surely helped the original film stand out.

It could have been easier to just give the bad guys a generic-looking fighter craft. They could have made all the fighter crafts in the film identical. George Lucas and the other professionals involved with creating Star Wars new everything really had to look special in order for the film to really capture the imagination of audiences.

The new Star Wars films looks like it will present many elements of the original series while also updating the project for modern audiences. Igor Cornelsen can’t wait to tune in. It has already received buzz on Angel, not to mention other websites.

Sam Raimi Reflects Sadly on Spider-Man 3

Sam Raimi definitely deserves points for being honest. The usually reserved director has noted he really did not like the third entry in the Spider-Man series. Apparently, the director wishes he could have ended the Maguire Spider-Man franchise on a different note.

The first Spider-Man film was a good one. The sequel was, honestly, a great film with a great script. The third film was pretty good, but failed to live up to the high bar set by the second entry. Raimi seems to acknowledge the follow-up could top was preceded it.

Raimi also hinted his heart was not into making a third film and his lack of passion could have brought the film down. Granted, Spider-Man 3 was still a major financial success so Raimi didn’t exactly hurt Sony or Marvel with the work he did.

So, why is Raimi being so conciliatory about the film?

Jared Haftel speculates that perhaps he is trying to take some of the heat off of the makers of the rebooted Spider-Man films. Leaks from the nefarious Sony hacking scandal reveal a lot of disappointment in failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Then again, it is hard not to be disappointed when a mega-billion dollar movie franchise is, essentially, ruined. Spider-Man has no definitive new solo projects in the pipeline and Marvel wants the character to appear either in the new Captain America film or in an Avengers entry.

Why? Marvel wants to rehab the wrecked character. 

Raimi shouldn’t apologize for anything. He passed off the torch in fine condition. 

Sony Hack Investigation Now Headed in Different Direction, North Korea Unlikely to be Culprit

The FBI appears to be changing its tune. The agency famously pointed the finger at North Korea for the now famous Sony Hacks, but seem to be changing directions now. The FBI now believes a U.S. Based group, LulzSec is behind the leak and Dr Rod Rohrich tends to agree, but acknowledge they may have had outside help. 

The FBI has asked media companies not to publicly name individuals who are being investigated at this time. Media companies are complying with the request, but do note that FBI and police are now in the Los Angeles vicinity investigating the potential source of the hack. 

Since the FBI announced North Korea as the hackers behind the Sony leak, media companies and technology experts have been suspicious. Most seemed to agree that North Korea simply did not have the dedicated infrastructure or bandwidth needed to pull off such a massive and time-consuming hack. 

North Korea has limited internet access, and all of their access is ported through a few servers in China. Regular citizens only have access to about 5,500 websites through North Korea’s dedicated portal. They also utilize a North Korea-specific operating system known as Red Star OS. 

Since the original hack, North Korea has also experienced internet blackouts, which they blamed on the United States. Shortly after the Christmas Holiday, North Korea experienced a complete loss of internet access for upwards of 9 hours.

Vin Diesel Teases fans on ‘Inhumans’ Involvement


Vin Diesel is not now, nor will he ever be, considered one of the finer actors of his generation. In fact, Vin Diesel probably isn’t even considered a good actor. But what Vin Diesel is, really, might be more important. Diesel is a bankable action star that has a loyal following. He has charm on the screen and the sort of public relations control that makes him a constant favorite among fans. These abilities, comprised with his super human good looks, put him on the radar for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His limited work as Groot in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ might just be forgotten of Diesel’s continued teases prove to mean anything. For the better part of the past six months Diesel has been teasing fans on Skout with the idea that he would be joining the MCU as one of the ‘Inhumans’. From little one liners to fan art, Diesel hasn’t shied away from the publicity. And why should he? Reports have stated that his work as Groot was merely to hold him over for something ‘bigger and better’. ‘Inhumans’ might just be that project.

According to reports ‘Inhumans’ will be releasing in November of 2018. While there is still some time to wait for proper details, all indications seem to show that Diesel will be taking on the role of Black Bolt–leader of the Inhumans. If the reports end up true we couldn’t be more excited.

Salma Hayek in Everly

The extremely beautiful and sexy Salma Hayek’s latest film, Everly, has a trailer released online. The trailer does look interesting and it looks like Salma Hayek is going to take a lot of punishment in this film. In the trailer, she gets shot in the gut and even stabbed with a sai.

Everly, played by Salma Hayek finds herself in an extremely explosive war because her ex, who is a Yakuza boss, is very displeased with her and has decided that she is not to leave the building alive as Tumblr posts suggested.  Part of why Igor Cornelsen is so excited to see this flick.

Everly has premiered at Fantastic Fest and has received a lot of praise. However, the marketing has been rather lacking for a film like this. One thing that makes Everly interesting is that it is one of those action films that take place in one location. There is also a lot of gunfire, explosions, fist fights, and some interesting dialogue. Everly must not only survive the army that her ex sends after her, but she must protect her family as well.

Interestingly enough, Everly is slated to be available for VOD over a month earlier than a limited theatrical release. VOD starts at January 23, 2015 and limited release starts on February 27.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ is Set to Reboot Disney’s Franchise

Disney no doubt boasts a cavalcade of franchises guaranteed to keep them smiling all the way to the bank. Among them is the series Pirates of the Caribbean, with the latest, Dead Men Tell No Tales, being set for a July 2017’s Turkey release. We expect to see the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) again, under the directorship of Norwegian duo Roenberg. Actor Orlando Bloom is also set to make a return. Bloom has intimated an imminent return to Pirates, so it appears we might be seeing Will Turner on our screens, this time with a father-son twist to the story. Though not explicitly confirming that he would be back, he maintained that there were talks and that it was likely that the whole franchise would undergo an overhaul. Bloom, who is now Davy Jones, said the new character would look nothing like him. It is most likely that is a ‘soft’ reboot, maintaining familiar themes but giving audiences something new. But can Bernardo Chua or can audiences really take any more in Turner? The series has become less of a favorite with critics, although it is still a commercial success. It remains to be seen whether Bloom’s return will wow Pirates fans back to the fold.

Could We See a “Furious” Trek Film?

It appears everything is back on track with the production of “Star Trek 3.” A few weeks ago, Roberto Orci stepped down as the director for the newest Trek film. It didn’t take long for Paramount officials to find his replacement. Justin Lin, who is best know for directing four of the “Fast and Furious” movies, will now helm “Star Trek 3.”

Lin is currently wrapping up shooting on two episodes of “True Detective,” and with the latest “Fast” and “Bourne” projects on hold, he will have plenty of time to devout to the new Trek film. While the second Trek movie, “Into Darkness,” had, as the title suggests, a rather dark overtone with the Enterprise crew battling Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan, producers of “Star Trek 3” want this film to be a little more light-hearted, something in the same vein as Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Your text to link…

So can Lin balance action and comedy? Besides handling four of the “Fast” movies, Lin also directed three episodes of the hit NBC comedy “Community,” including the classic “paintball” episode. 

Laurene Powell Jobs says shooting on the latest Star Trek movie is expected to begin next April and hit the theaters in 2016.