NexBank the Best Financing and Mortgage Bank in Texas

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. NexBank operates on three core businesses: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank aims to serve professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders or any other person looking for a personalized banking relationship. They also provide financial and banking services to big enterprises such as institutional clients, corporations all over The United States, and big financial institutions. NexBank is also committed to offering financial services to both middle-market companies and real estate investors.

NexBank operates under the principle of industry leadership and commitment to its clients to provide the best financial and banking services to its clients. NexBank has experienced professionals who well-equipped with all the knowledge and experience to provide customers with undisputed access to custom-tailored solutions for all their financial and banking needs.

With its services dated from 1992, NexBank has more than enough experience to deal with any financial and banking constraints.

With its success in banking, NexBank has announced that it has acquired College Savings Bank in Princeton New Jersey. The College Savings Bank will retain its name, but it will operate as a branch of NexBank. This is a new way of expanding the network of the bank. With College Savings Bank as a branch of NexBank, it will help increase the number of services offered by the bank enabling it to service more individuals.

NexBank is one of the most successful banks in the United States. On June 2016, the bank announced that it had completed a $24 million capital raise. The Chief Executive Officer of the bank, John Holt said that the profit would be used to provide support to maintain and increase their growth and development opportunities. Due to its strong capital levels, liquidity profile and earnings, NexBank have received upgraded ratings from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.