The Life Of Joseph Bismark Includes Spiritual Time

The majority of successful business executives are married to their work and have little time to do anything else, but for QI founding director Joseph Bismark the need to have a strong personal life is as important as business success. The Philippines born businessperson has recently appeared in an article published through Yahoo News that explains how his life is filled with meditation, yoga and exercise in a bod to remain at the top of his game in his personal and work life. Bismark is looking for the best in his spiritual life and in the business world he has reached the top of the multi level marketing industry within.

The differences in the life of Joseph Bismark compared to the majority of business executives can be traced back to his childhood in the Philippines, Bismark did not attend a traditional school and instead decided to retreat to the teachings of a group of monks in an isolated area of the country. This decision has impacted almost every aspect of his life and has seen the need for a healthy lifestyle even alter the products the QI group produces. Bismark has headed the movement towards organic foods that the QI Group has recently been championing and has made sure many of the products the direct selling giant produces are aimed at healthy living options.

Joseph Bismark feels he needs a healthy body to live the healthy and spiritual lifestyle he has been advocating for many years. The businessperson has been influenced by the monks he trained with as a young man to live in as healthy a way as possible, which includes the chance to make sure he conducts regular workouts and rides his bicycle on a regular basis using apps to record his progress.

Bismark also makes a number of recommendations about books and apps to use to make sure the body and mind are cared for. In his role as a teacher of yoga in Singapore the expert in corporate social responsibility makes sure he remains as fit and flexible as possible, whist also using apps to upload his daily mantras and chants to listen to and share with those who are interested in the lifestyle he leads.