Marvel is Thrilled Over Jurassic World’s Success

Is Marvel Studios showing any sour grapes over Jurassic World beating out the box office record set by Avengers: Age of Ultron? Not in the least. In a very classy move, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige tweeted out a congratulations to the good people at Universal. Universal is basking in the $500+ million opening weekend for Jurassic World. The new entry in the dinosaur-adventure franchise exceeded even the most wildly optimistic expectations. Look for more and more Jurassic films to be released over the next decade and beyond.

Marvel is also somewhat thrilled with the success of Jurassic World’s opening weekend. The star, Chris Pratt, is also in the Marvel fold. The actor played the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy and is slated to reprise his role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Anything that reveals the continued success and popularity of the actor is going to be great news for Marvel. Why would Marvel not want one of their leading actors to be firmly established as a highly popular box office draw. Not everyone who sat in the audience to watch Jurassic World saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, these audience members are familiar with Pratt and may choose to rent the Guardians DVD and then stand in line when the eventual sequel hits theaters.

Keith Mann, the philanthropist, suggests this is not to indicate Marvel’s tweets were self-serving. The display by Feige was certainly a classy act a lot of other studio heads would never have done.