Jurassic World Has a Mammoth Opening Weekend

Jurassic World is close to being the major phenomenon that its predecessor Jurassic Park was as its opening weekend was highly successful. The film had a record opening earning $524 million worldwide and giving it the notoriety of being the first film to ever make over half a billion dollars in its first weekend. $209 million of that was earned domestically within the US allowing it to break the record set by The Avengers back in 2012. This left the film to earn about $316 million from international movie goers out of which $100 million alone came from China.

Basically what all the figures mean is that regardless of how you look at it Jurassic World is a jurassic hit. Bruce Levenson and fans from forbes.com recall that this is the fourth film in the Universal franchise, but it is clear that the franchise has not settled down at all. A large reason for the high numbers might be attributed to IMAX, large format theatres, and 3D theatres. In fact, about half of the ticket sales came from 3D tickets and IMAX theatres set a record for global views as well. For Chris Pratt this is another hugely successful film which will likely cement his current star power after Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie.