Tim Armour’s Presents His Argument For Active Investing

Tim Armour, the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, recently presented his case against Warren Buffett’s argument that most investors are better served by putting their money into a low-cost, passive index fund that follows the S&P 500. Mr. Armour says that active investing does have its place, although he agrees that many of the actively managed funds are mismanaged as well as having too high of fees.

However, he also explains that there are active funds that make a great investment choice. You can find active funds that feature low fees and don’t trade excessively, which indirectly drives up costs. He said the trick is to find a fund where the manager has parked a large part of their own money in it; this incentives them to do the best job possible.

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While Tim Armour is the top executive at Capital Group, he continues to work as an equity portfolio manager . He also often writes about financial markets and his take on how to invest. His commentary has appeared in places like CNBC.com. A subject that he often writes about is how no one has to settle for average returns. He has said that investors need to identify fund managers who “earn their keep” and can consistently beat the market with the funds they operate.

Tim Armour has also said that another thing to identify when picking a fund manager is those who do their due diligence and put in the work on finding promising investments. He has said that too many fund managers get lazy and that’s why they fail to beat the market.

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George Soros is Bearish on the Economy

George Soros is an extremely intelligent man, and people around the world look to him for investment advice. Soros has made millions throughout his career by knowing exactly what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. Soros has been relatively silent for several years on the economy, but now he has some new insight into the economy.

George Soros recently broke his hiatus from investing to make a series of bearish investments. Soros Fund Management made the investments. The fund currently manages around $30 billion on behalf of the Soros family. The fund recently sold several stocks and made some other investments. The fund invested heavily in gold, and they also invested in gold miners. This change in strategy is probably a sign that the fund has a gloomier view of the global economy. The fund likely believes that there will be major market moves in the next year and they are hoping to properly store their wealth for years to come.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

George Soros was recently reached for comment by the Wall Street Journal. Soros noted in his e-mails that he is particularly concerned about capital flight from the Chinese market. He is also considered about the disarray within the political class in China. He fears that this disorganization within the political class will prevent any lasting reform from happening. Because most of the global economy depends on the health of the East Asian economy, Soros is looking to invest in stores of wealth.

While China is a major source of concern for George Soros, he has other reasons for investing in gold. Soros has been closely watching issues throughout the world. The migration crisis throughout Europe is a huge issue. Europe must find a way to handle the issue or the entire European economy could suffer. Great Britain is also considering leaving the European Union, which could further destabilize the European economy and thus the world economy. The Greek state is also struggling to remain stable, and this presents a minor risk to the globe as well. Soros is not happy with the instability throughout the globe and he is willing to act to prevent any loss in value for his fund.

George Soros is considered an extremely insightful person. He closely watches global events and he actively works to help better the world. Sadly, Soros cannot make every issue better, so he must act to protect himself. Investors are closely watching his actions.

Soros is a brilliant mind and the fact that he is bearish on the economy is a worrying sign for people everywhere. Investors should closely watch his latest action. Everyone should remain concerned about the state of the world economy and in the world.

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