Status Labs Offers Creative Solutions

Status Labs President & Co-Founder, Darius Fisher was recently named One of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. Status Labs, is an online reputation management firm based in Austin, Texas, with a location in New York as well. Status Labs image management works with clients and offers creative solutions to meet clients needs and PR goals.

Using Facebook at work can hurt your career. Fisher adds that “likes” and comments you make on Facebook pages have currently no privacy settings. They appear on friends newsfeeds as stories, and can appear in Google searches for your name. This can cause a variety of work-related problems, from losing a client who disagrees with a post you wrote or when a potential employer who may find your self-expression on Facebook distasteful. On Facebook business page, he also says it is a bad idea to vent your opinions about the 2016 presidential candidates, there is a possibility of offending others with your controversial comments.

Fisher advises that you need to take extra steps to get your home address or phone number removed from these “data brokers” like Spokeo, PeopleSmart, Intelius, Pipl, Zoominfo, and Whitepages. These are just a few but there are a dozen at least out there who make it their business to sell this information to anyone who pays for it.

Fisher also advises that everyone should register their domain privately so it is not accessible on ICANN WHOIS database. Fisher also stresses that settings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be all set to private. In fact, he goes further to say that nothing is private on social media because a friend could always repost it for everyone to see.

Passwords should be changed frequently. Programs that supposedly save your passwords can be hacked too, so it is always a wise idea to write it down somewhere and keep it safe in a desk drawer.

Fisher also advises that one should Google your name and see what people find about you especially if they’re considering hiring you for a job or checking you out before a first date. You want to make sure you are logged out of Chrome or Gmail or anything else that customizes your search, then clear your browser history.