How Wikipedia Aims at Reaching More Readers

Most content found on the internet is written in English. This is disadvantageous to internet visitors who only understand one language, which is not English. To combat this, giant online encyclopedia Wikipedia recently formulated a text to speech tool, which will enable Wikipedia editors to translate information from English to different languages. This has been widely received by Internet visitors especially those who were previously unable to access information written in foreign dialects.

Pages that currently exist on the encyclopedia have been written in almost 300 languages. However, the downside of this dialectical diversity is that most of the languages have little information. On a daily basis, tens of millions of Internet users seek information from the site. It takes thousands of editors to keep the site updated. They voluntarily provide their services. The text to speech tool is a creation of an ongoing collaboration between computer scientists drawn from Wikimedia Foundation and Stanford University.

Improving Access to Knowledge

The new feature is bound to improve accessibility to information via Wikipedia page creation in various languages. It first identifies Wikipedia pages that have not been made available in certain languages. Basing on this identification, editors pinpoint articles that have similarity. Thereafter, they can seek help from others to decode the page to the intended language. Scholars agree that this is the most innovative way advanced to improve access to knowledge.

The brains behind this project, Ellery Wulczyn and Leila Zia from Wikimedia foundation, and Robert West from Stanford will make a presentation about it at the International World Wide Web Conference in Montreal, Canada. This forum will also be used to exchange ideas about how the innovation can be improved so that a larger number of the online community can read Wikipedia articles. West, who is undertaking a PhD in computer science at Stanford states that they are aiming at coming up with a system that will help Wikipedia editors fill out gaps in information. He further adds that these gaps are caused by the existing language barrier. 

Finding Help in Learning How to Make a Wikipedia Page

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