Vijay Eswaran An Entrepreneur Who Values Service To Others Above Profits

In November of 2016, Vijay Eswaran received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship from the Governor of the State of Melaka at the 8th World Chinese Economic Summit organized by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute. Several weeks before the summit, Eswaran was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Economics and Global Business from the Pannasastra University in Cambodia.

As the executive chairman of the global QI Group, which does business in over 20 countries, Eswaran also gave an inspiring speech, in which he told the other graduates that they would have to employ disruptive tactics to succeed as entrepreneurs.

According to Qbuzz, Vijay Eswaran’s Qi Group, the company that cares about people, recently won the HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia Award 2016, the Qi Group’s fourth win. Based on employee surveys, Qi is an ideal place to work.

Vijay Eswaran, as co-founder of the Qi Group, based the company’s ideals on those of Mahatma Gandhi; employees are proud to work for a company that is committed to serving both their customers and their community with integrity. The Qi Group even has a vegetarian policy, as they believe every life on the planet is sacred.

By founding the Vijayaratnam Foundation, the Malaysian chapter of QI Group, Eswaran has instituted notable philanthropic projects, which focus on the environment, the arts, community development and education.

In keeping with Gandhi’s vision, the Vijayaratnam Foundation supports arts and culture as a way to bring people of diverse backgrounds in Malaysia together. After earning the Heroes of Philanthropy recognition from Forbes, Eswaran credited his parents for instilling the value of service to others in him.