FreedomPop – Low Cost Wireless Carrier Undergoing Rapid International Expansion

Brand New Wireless Company Offers Free Wireless and Low-Cost Internet

FreedomPop is a new telecom company which offers free wireless coverage and low-cost wireless internet. This has enabled FreedomPop to expand their service coverage across the United States, and now on to Europe. FreedomPop is doing so using the “freemium” model, whereby users get a very basic level of service for free and are able to pay for upgrades.

Limited Data Usage Is Free

FreedomPop’s wireless customers are provided with 200 minutes of talk time, 200 texts, and 200 megabytes of data transfer per month for free. Customers have to pay extra for certain features like voicemail or upgrades to their wireless plans. These upgrades are where FreedomPop makes it’s money as a freemium provider of wireless service. FreedomPop also makes money from the devices which they sell to their customers.

Low-Cost, Unlimited WiFi Access

Another area in which FreedomPop is innovating is in the creation of an unlimited WiFi access network for only $5 per month. Customers are able to use 10 million hotspots in the US for free. FreedomPop plans to launch this service to customers living in large US cities very soon. In addition to being able to access WiFi from traditional networks, customers of FreedomPop’s WiFi network will have expanded access.

Coverage Being Expanded Internationally

FreedomPop is also expanding coverage to countries in Europe and Asia. For now, European customers will only be able to purchase SIM cards and not whole devices. The company currently is seeking to provide international calling and roaming data for free to customers in the UK, France, and Spain. US customers will also have this benefit as well, as the company is expecting to provide international calling for next to nothing.

Sales Strictly Online

Their sales are strictly online, making the company’s marketing costs much lower than the big carriers. FreedomPop is able to pass on these cost savings to their customers that would have otherwise been spent on marketing or storefronts. Their products are simply shipped directly to the customer once the order is processed.

Allows For Activation of Unusable Devices

Another unique feature which FreedomPop offers it’s customers is that they are able to use devices which aren’t activated. Many customers find that it is too costly to add service to a device which hasn’t been used.


New York Dry Cleaners Donate Clothing To The Homeless

In New York this week, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association has donated 2,000 pieces of unclaimed clothing to the homeless people of the city.

Homelessness in New York is currently the highest since the 1930s after the Great Depression. The city, which is often known ads the city of dreams among those who flock to it, is also home to the largest population of billionaires in the world.

This separation between rich and poor has not gone unnoticed by city officials and advocates, and the Korean Dry Cleaners Association is part of a grassroots effort to decrease the impact homelessness has on individuals and the community.

Job recruiters, AnastasiaDate say that one of the main concerns about being homeless, aside from finding appropriate food and shelter, is finding clothing that is clean and appropriate. By donating these clothes, about six months worth of unclaimed dry cleaning, the Korean Dry Cleaners Association has a hand in helping the homeless people of the city dig a way out of poverty.